Glue Application Equipment

SparTek liquid and foam adhesive applicators provide precise, repeatable glue dispensing across a range of lines, speeds, and pressures.

  • Spray glue booths
  • Glue heating, pumping, and filtration systems
  • Liquid extruded glue applicators
  • Foamed glue applicators
  • Precision glue metering equipment
  • Two-part glue metering and mixing systems

Choices of liquid and foam glue applicators and a variety of mounting options provide the ideal solutions for adhesive application requirements. Name the material and application method, and we’ll get you up and running.

Spray Glue Booth

In the engineered wood industry, your spray operations directly impact production efficiency and product quality.

Applying the proper amount of adhesive to wood veneers is critical. Our spray glue booth system for glue application delivers — spraying glue uniformly with minimal overspray, and adjusting to accommodate changes in line speed.

We offer a full range of automated adhesive application systems for engineered wood panel and other products.


Liquid Extruded Glue Applicators

Liquid Glue extrusion allows for an exact spread width of adhesive to be applied to the veneer.

This application leads to no wasted glue and minimal additional clean up. Each system is equipped with a proprietary precision spread control with an adjustable electronic metering at each station.

The liquid glue extruder uses a standard resin mix similar to a curtain coater application. The glue used is a little different from a spray glue formula, because it will form strands instead of breaking into droplets as it leaves the extrusion head. Liquid glue stays in a closed loop system until it is applied to the veneer.

We’ve also developed compact extrusion heads that allow for a full view of the glue application process. There is a wide range of extrusion heads and automated systems to optimize the process for manufacturers of plywood, particleboard and other wood products


Foam Extruded Glue Applicator

The advantages of foam glue start at the glue cost. The average savings is documented at well over 10% and most mills have seen more than a 20% difference over spray application.

Using air to extend the glue (the volume is increased 7 to 1) is the secret, and the glue bond is the best in the industry. Dry out time is extended as well, and the stacks can be set aside for hours if needed before going into the hot press.


SparTek Industries manufactures high quality process machinery with the latest technology for a multitude of applications, including pressing, gluing, and material handling for industries including wood, rubber, and plastics.