Finding solutions to efficiently lift, drop, and roll products through your press line is a fundamental part of SparTek’s strategy to improve the efficiency and profitability of your manufacturing process.

Direct vs. Staged Loading/Unloading

Direct Method – Smaller Footprint

  1. Direct Loader (assisted or automatic) indexes down the infeed side of the open press loading each opening.
  2. Unloaders automatically "follow" the direct loader receiving the pressed panel as each opening is loaded.
  3. Press closes to begin pressing cycle, next stack shuttles from pre-press to loader.
  4. Press opens at end of cycle.
  5. Once the press is empty the unloader moves the pressed stack down and shuttles the panels to trim saw.
  6. Process repeats.
Direct loading

Direct vs. Staged Loading/Unloading

Staged Method – More Press Cycles Per Hour

  1. Press closes to “bake” current load of panels.
  2. Charger feeder moves to the top of the charger and travels downward loading each charger opening, receives and holds the next stack from the pre-press.
  3. Rack unloader simultaneously begins unloading the receiving rack from the top down.
  4. When charger is full, charger feeder receives next stack from pre-press
  5. When the receiving rack is empty, unloader moves down and shuttles pressed panels to the trim saw.
  6. Press completes cycle and opens.
  7. All openings on the press are simultaneously loaded by the charger and pressed panels are simultaneously unloaded from the press.
  8. Process repeats.

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