Flying Saw Inner Carraige

Electric Flying Panel Saw

SparTek Industries continues to set the standard for industry-leading innovation with the release of the Electric Flying Panel Saw.

This NextGen Series version of our incredibly successful hydraulic panel saw offers a low maintenance solution that meets all our customers’ specialized sawing equipment needs. The Electric Flying Panel Saw completely eliminates the use of hydraulics while increasing up-time and improving control over all axes of the saw.

Our intelligent design helps to increase the reliability, performance, and speed of the saw carriage. SparTek’s new servo design also works to decrease routine wear and tear, thereby increasing durability and extending the life of the equipment.

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Other Sawing and Clipping Solutions

New SparTek Automated Trim Saw Line

Our new Automated Trim Saw (aka Skinner Saw) utilizes servo based motion control for reliable, efficient panel infeed. We offer options for integrated Auto Grading, Blow Detection and strapping of completed stacks. We can also include a retractable panel flipper with a classic style grading booth as a backup solution if needed. The system offers line speeds up to 25ppm on 4’ x 8’ panels.

SparTek Automatic Hydraulic Clipper

We provide clippers for precision shearing or perforating a wide range of materials. The clippers are custom designed to suite most size and thickness options required by the application. We also provide robust hydraulic power units for efficient operation and low maintenance requirements.

SparTek also designs and manufactures custom precision sawing, cutting and clipping solutions for unique applications through our Conceptual Design/Build program.

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