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From design and installation to service and maintenance, SparTek supports your manufacturing operation from beginning to end of your production line. We offer a broad range of design, installation, repair and replacement services, including:





Engineering services

Complete electrical and mechanical machine design services are available. From concept to full scale design our Electrical and Mechanical engineering departments are available to assist you.

Training services

We provide training services on all systems including, but not limited to, HPU tuning, step and guide alignment, sheet layer, saw, and glue system operations.


Platen Services

In-house drilling, sanding, and planer mill services are available to provide you with new and refurbished OEM platens for a variety of your press line application needs. We rebuild, refinish, and fully repair your used press platens. Chroming services are also available.


Electrical 508 Panel Shop

Our shop can design, build and program custom automation and control systems. We specialize in Allen Bradley, Siemens and other industry leading control platforms.


Installation services

Available to assist with new and refurbished equipment installation.

Maintenance services

Our maintenance services are available to keep your operation running smoothly and help prevent downtime. Maintenance training is also available to help your maintenance staff’s ability to keep your equipment in top running condition.


Hydraulic Services

Our hydraulic services range from large cylinder and ram manufacturing to complete HPU systems and piping repair and replacement services.


Fabrication Services

Full service capabilities in the fabrication, welding and machining of large and small process machinery equipment.