SparTek Industries Introduces Our Electric Flying Panel Saw

SparTek Industries continues to set the standard for industry-leading innovation with the release of the Electric Flying Panel Saw. This NextGen Series version of our incredibly successful hydraulic panel saw offers a low maintenance solution that meets all our customers’ specialized sawing equipment needs. The Electric Flying Panel Saw completely eliminates the use of hydraulics while increasing up-time and improving control over all axes of the saw.

Our intelligent design helps to increase the reliability, performance, and speed of the saw carriage. SparTek’s new servo design also works to decrease routine wear and tear, thereby increasing durability and extending the life of the equipment.

SparTek’s Electric Flying Panel Saw Offers Users a Variety of Benefits

Building off the successful design of this incredibly popular hydraulic panel saw, this new electric saw offers our customers the same exceptional performance with even more added benefits that include:

  • All Electric: SparTek’s all electric design increases the reliability, durability, and adjustability of the saw carriage.
  • Central Vacuum: Improved dust collection allows for a better, more precise cut.
  • Electric VFD: Allows users to monitor and adjust saw speed directly from the PLC.
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Adjusts While Running: Auto adjusts on the fly as bets stretch.
  • Servo Driven Linear Actuators: Enables adjustment of the saw’s cutting depth.

Discover the difference SparTek’s Electric Flying Panel Saw can make for your business by filling out the form to receive a phonecall.