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Press Lines & Equipment

SparTek Industries has built hot and cold press lines for manufacturing operations for over 30 years. These systems increase production, reduce labor costs, and provide better overall safety of operation than the nearest competition.

Single to multiple opening modular presses are built from standard platforms, configured for custom specifications and solutions. SparTek presses have set the standard for reliability and robust design since the 1970’s.

Hot presses can be provided in a variety of sizes and shapes from single to fifty openings to fit most applications. The high quality platens use steam or thermal fluid with special piping systems to maintain tight temperature controls. SparTek hot presses are currently serving the engineered wood, rubber, cement, and fiberglass industries making a variety of panel products.

Cold presses are designed and built for a variety of applications, ranging from 25 ton to 6000 ton ratings. Plywood is a leading application for these presses, from standard grade to higher-end film overlay product specifications. The process bonds laminates together, forming standard construction plywood, speciality concrete panels, or a variety of panel forming applications. These top-quality presses set the industry benchmark in performance and reliability.

Platens are made from a special grade of USA rolled steel in a variety of sizes, heating mediums, and finishes including polished industrial chrome. For more information on Platens check us out in the services section of our website.

Associated press line equipment is also manufactured by SparTek. Automated and manual press loading and unloading systems, conveyors, panel and caul cooling systems, and material handling systems are a few examples of SparTek capabilities.

We also build special heavy duty X-Lifts, caul racks, stackers, panel feeders, and many other panel and veneer handling systems and equipment for a wide range of applications.