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Layup Lines & Equipment

In addition to Press Lines, SparTek Industries designs and manufactures a wide variety of equipment to move veneer, plywood panels, and a variety of other materials from simple transfer applications to complete panel assembly, saw and glue applications. We build complete panel assembly lines for the leading high volume panel producers in North America.

Our layup line systems are configured from a range of individual machines including:

Material handling equipment

  • Roller Chain Conveyors for high efficiency movement of loads
  • Roll Case Conveyors for careful handling of sensitive materials
  • X-Lifts with extreme high cycle ratings with high capacity lifting
  • Curved Conveyors to pass material around corners
  • Vacuum veneer feeders for automated panel assembly systems
  • Tilting rollcases for assisted core feeding onto run down belts
  • Belt Conveyors for careful handling of fragile materials

Specialized sawing equipment

  • Double ended trimming of veneer stacks
  • Splitting stacks of sheets into core sized stacks
  • Band Saws for trimming the ragged edge of a stack
  • Flying Saws for separating panels on a layup line
  • Fishtail Saws for preparing stacks for core
  • Panel and veneer feeders
  • High Sped panel stackers and feeders

Glue application equipment

  • Spray Glue Booths
  • Glue heating, pumping, and filtration systems
  • Liquid Extruded Glue Applicators
  • Foamed Glue Applicators
  • Precision Glue Metering Equipment
  • Two Part Glue Metering and Mixing Systems

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