Is It Time to Order New Platens for Your Press?

SparTek has been supplying quality products since 1971. We have consistently proven our ability to provide the highest quality and most competitively priced platens in the industry. We are uniquely positioned to provided customized platens to fit any application. SparTek can provide a budgetary price quote based on quantity, thickness, width and length of your current platens.

There are over 30 types of platens (see 2 examples below) so it is critical that we quote exact specifications to ensure proper fit and function prior to ordering replacements. There are two options for ensuring we provide an accurate replacement:

Step 1: Provide SparTek with a detailed drawing of the type, dimensions and specifications for the platen.

Step 2: SparTek’s service department can provide a “measure up” service and send a field technician to the customers site to document the requirements. An estimate for this service can be provided along with the budgetary quote upon customer request.

Steam Platen Fig. 1

Steam Platen Fig. 2

Once designed, SparTek will send a drawing package to be verified by your team, and platen’s will be shipped to your mill soon after.