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We build equipment that will assemble, glue, cut, load, press and transfer to support your specific panel manufacturing process. Solutions have been installed for industries including engineered wood, rubber, plastic and cement production. Specific applications include (but are not limited to):






Plywood Assembly and Press Lines

Modernized systems to assemble, glue and cut plywood panels, then fed into a multiple opening (up to 50) hot press from an automated charger or manual loading system.


Cement and Gypsum Panels

Specialty 525 ton cold press and two-piece mold to form a cement or gypsum based slurry into panels for fire rated doors and frames.


Engineered Wood

Sixty Foot long, 4600 ton cold press to glue LVL billets into blanks for LVL beams.


Cable Reels

Two panel, 40 opening hot press producing blanks of thick hardwood plywood for constructing round cable reel ends.


Specialty Saws

Including double-edge trim saw for stacking sheets; core saw for splitting stacks of sheets for core material; flying saw for separating panels on an automated lay-up line.

Rubber Clippers

Automatic knife clipping system for producing stock rubber sheeting from a roll feeder.

Hardwood Flooring

Side-by-side direct loading systems for producing hardwood flooring panels.

Recycled Rubber

Modular 3000 ton press to make a continuous ribbon of recycled rubber matting. The hot press has 8 sections to form a 10 foot x 32 foot press opening.



1000-plus ton cold press to laminate particleboard panels into billets for making custom moldings and door jams.


Automated Glue Applicators

Servo driven dual pump and metering systems to dispense mixed cold set glue for bonding thick panels ahead of loading into any hot or cold pressing system.


Fiberglass Composite Panels

575 ton temperature controlled press for forming fiberglass composite panels from recycled plastics.


Automation and Control Systems

From state-of-the-art PLC systems for new process machine installations, to control system modernization retrofits for plant wide optimization applications.

From laboratory to large and extreme pressure applications, SparTek designs, builds and installs speciality press and material handling systems. A variety of heating mediums, automatic loading and unloading, automation and controls are configured to meet your broad range of process machine applications.