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SparTek Industries manufactures high quality process machinery with the latest technology for a multitude of applications, including pressing, gluing, and material handling for industries including wood, rubber, and plastics. We utilize innovative automation technology and machines designed to work at the highest operating speeds to help our customers maximize profits.

Our engineering, manufacturing, and fabrication professionals provide the highest quality products for a wide range of applications. The systems we produce are custom configured around standard product platforms, accommodating an almost infinite number of application requirements. In addition to our manufacturing, fabrication, and hydraulics expertise, our service capabilities range from engineering design and consultation, to on-side installation and maintenance support.

SparTek Industries was founded in 1987 when a local manufacturer asked our two founders, Bob Rhoden and Henry Hanson, to build a machine to solve a unique plywood production challenge. The manufactured solution exceeded customer expectations. Many orders followed as word of mouth spread throughout the wood products industry. Almost thirty years later, SparTek Industries has established itself as an industry leader, carrying a strong reputation for both quality and service.